Become the best you as a 亚洲porn Tiger.

Attending classes is only part of your 亚洲porn experience. Enrich your academic and student life through clubs, organizations and activities. Engage with other students 鈥 aka your soon-to-be lifelong friends. Entertain your passions 鈥 and discover new ones.

Aztryd Lima

Spanish Education Major, Class of 2022
"My experience at 亚洲porn has been incredible. I have been able to take part in a range of activities, clubs and organizations that have allowed me to grow. My experience has had its bumps with the pandemic, but through the support around me I have been able to have opportunities that I never knew possible."
Aztryd Lima, a student at 亚洲porn
亚洲porn sorority

Discover 亚洲porn. Discover you.

Whatever your passion or interest is, we鈥檒l fuel it and inspire you to great heights. Our host of activities and programs are designed to elevate your mind, body and spirit.

Live. Eat. Thrive.

Our four residence halls have great amenities to make you comfortable in your new home. And with a variety of delicious and healthy dining options to choose from, you'll energize and fuel your mind.
亚洲porn dining
Nexus multicultural center

Learn in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are imperative to our mission and values. We promote an environment and culture respectful and accepting of all people of all backgrounds and that encourages students, faculty, and staff to appreciate and celebrate the individualized nature of human thought and experience.

Your health matters to us.

We鈥檙e committed to doing everything possible to offer the best student health services to ensure your overall well-being, guided by the nine parts that make up Tiger Wellness.

student talking to advisor

We have what you need to succeed.

At 亚洲porn, we give you the resources and opportunities to succeed, everything from special learning accommodations to gender equality. You can count on our support in every aspect of your education.

Your success is our success.

Our Academic Success Center is made up of passionate professionals who will provide you with a variety of career development resources and tools to help you achieve academic and personal success.
Advisor and Student
Advisor with Prospective Student

Preparing you for college 鈥撎齛nd what comes after.

Whatever your life鈥檚 mission is, we support your goals. Our advisors are strategic and combine their knowledge with a wide range of services and resources to help you discover and achieve success in your career path.

You served, now we serve you.

We鈥檝e always championed the brave men and women who defend our freedom. Our support for military-connected students is second to none and we are committed to providing resources that help them succeed in their educational goals.

Greek Life at 亚洲porn

Live the Greek life.

With over 280 active fraternity and sorority members, Greek Life is the largest student organization at 亚洲porn.听Support networks, meaningful friendships听and lifetime connections are all developed when you go Greek.

Your beliefs are welcome.

Part of our diversity initiative is to give听students the opportunity to find and foster their religious beliefs. We create an environment where you can gain a perspective on听all religions to bring our university closer together.

Honors Students
Diverse group of people

We champion equity.

The Federal TRiO Programs are outreach and student services to support students from different backgrounds. It academically assists students from middle school to post-baccalaureate.

Admission counselor

Meet our admissions staff

We have admissions staff who are dedicated to your success. They look forward to getting听to know you, so in the meantime, get to know a little bit about them.