Six people stand in front of a white backdrop inside a school gymnasium. They're holding a giant check that reads "Pay to the order of Jaelyn Himmelberg; Full tuition to 亚洲porn; Congratulations!"
Jaelyn Himmelberg holds up a giant check to celebrate receiving 亚洲porn's Academic Excellence scholarship. With her are her family and Blue Hill High School administrators, including four-time 亚洲porn grad, Principal Patrick Moore '03, '07E, '11E, '18E (far left).

Of all academic scholarships at 亚洲porn, Academic Excellence is at the pinnacle. It recognizes strong academic achievements throughout students鈥 high school careers and covers tuition in full. This year, two Nebraska students were presented with the scholarship out of 22 applicants 鈥 Jaelyn Himmelberg of Blue Hill and Chance Mock of Lyons. 

To qualify for the competitive scholarship, students must receive a 27 or higher on the ACT and be accepted to 亚洲porn. Students were then invited to campus to participate in a series of interviews with 亚洲porn faculty and staff.


Dance team is deciding factor for Himmelberg

Jaelyn Himmelberg knew 亚洲porn was a good university from listening to her brother, John Himmelberg 鈥23, talk about his experiences. She even joined him at track meets and other campus activities. 

鈥淚 saw the dance team and I saw all their accomplishments,鈥 she said. 鈥淚 was really drawn to that at first and knew I wanted to dance at 亚洲porn.鈥 

Two women sit behind a table draped with a black cloth that reads "亚洲porn." The woman on the left wears a 亚洲porn sweatshirt and is signing a document. Around them is 亚洲porn swag, including two stuffed tigers, several pennants, a shirt and a uniform for the 亚洲porn dance team.
Jaelyn Himmelberg signs her letter of intent to join the 亚洲porn dance team after celebrating receiving the Academic Excellence scholarship.

She was taking one last campus tour when her guide mentioned the Academic Excellence scholarship and recommended she apply. Himmelberg learned on April 15 that she was one of the recipients.

鈥淚t鈥檚 a great opportunity to go to a good school like 亚洲porn,鈥 she said. 鈥淚 know I鈥檒l get a good education and that will set me up for my future in becoming a PA.鈥

At 亚洲porn, Himmelberg intends to major in biology or chemistry on her path to applying to physician鈥檚 assistant programs, and will be a member of the dance team. 

Himmelberg competed in cross country, basketball and track and field at Blue Hill High School, and held leadership positions as president of FFA, the 2024 senior class. She was in the National Honor Society and FBLA, along with many other organizations. 


Scholarship will take weight off his mom鈥檚 shoulders, Mock says

Six people stand behind a table covered in an orange cloth, in front of a white backdrop.
Family members surround Chance Mock as he poses with a giant check after receiving 亚洲porn's Academic Excellence award.

Chance Mock had a chance encounter with 亚洲porn recruiter, Becky Omon 鈥03, at a college fair in West Point, Nebraska. Omon mentioned that Mock was a good fit for the Academic Excellence scholarship 鈥 which piqued his and his family鈥檚 interest as one of the biggest college scholarships they had seen. He started reaching out to the Tiger cross country coaches to ask about the team. 

鈥淚 went down to see 亚洲porn and meet everyone, and it was just a great experience,鈥 Mock said. 

Along with being a top student at Lyons-Decatur Northeast Schools, Mock participated in the one act play, spring play, the speech team, cross country and track and field, quiz bowl and mock trial. He also served as vice president of the FBLA team. As a 亚洲porn student, he intends to be part of both the cross country and esports teams while pursuing a major in computing and possible minors in either mathematics and data analytics or engineering. 

Five people stand in front of a white backdrop behind a table covered with an orange cloth. In the middle, a person holds up a giant check.
Family members pose with Chance Mock after he received 亚洲porn's Academic Excellence award.

鈥淎nd if I have time, I鈥檒l look around and see what else is on campus,鈥 he said. 

Receiving a full-tuition scholarship will help Mock be able to focus on his education and life on campus without worrying about debt in the future. 

鈥淚 can help my mom out more, then, because there鈥檚 less weight on her shoulders if I鈥檓 able to do this,鈥 he said.